The unique identity of our projects reflects the uniqueness of our Client's identity.

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Homa architects is a group of architects and designers who love projects with rigorous performance and aesthetics. Thanks to innovative and effective working methods, HOMA's designs bring high-quality spaces with practical and sensitive responses to the project's requirements. Comfort and Emotion of users are the top priorities and are keys to HOMA's success in bringing high-end lifestyle into daily life.

Homa architects is born in 2012 in Hanoi - Vietnam.

By 2019, we have designed more than 100 projects in a wide variety of buildings such as: Hospitality, F&B, Commercial, Office, Housing and many more...

Together with the design, we constantly seek a new vision for each project and share it with our Client. We truly believe that  good projects must go far beyond correct answers delivered to a set of requirements.

Good projects always come from  good visions fructified by the co-work between The Client and The Architect.



Insatiable hunger of creativeness. What has been creative for us yesterday is not anymore today.


Together with our trusted International and Local partner network, we are working in an international playground with wide variety of project types. We speak English and French.


We build solid design methodology to ensure each project cannot risk to miss a good option.


We would rather restart the design from the beginning than seeing it built with unclear concept.


Lead by architects with more than 15 years of experience, over a hundred of different projects,  HOMA architects are confident to bring you the best consultancy.

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