Hotels for insects



Insects are very hardworking workers in your garden. They help pollinate plants, hunt smaller insects and are food for birds. Together they create a balanced eco-system for your garden.

Designing hotels for these “friends” is real fun. Being an ingenious and meticulous person, you can easily add a hotel for them into your garden’s landscape. In fact, you don’t need to have a large garden. A small balcony corner, or a garden on the terrace would be a suitable place for “this project” too.

An insect hotel is easy to make. Your family can spend together a weekend to make it. Materials can be straws, recycled plastic boxes, wooden boxes, cardboard cores, milk cartons, dried leaves, pieces of bamboo, reeds in the garden, some glue, and glue guns and rope if you’re going to hang this structure, or nails and hammer if you’re fixing it to a certain surface.

First, you need to cut pieces of bamboo and reeds into equal parts (about 15cm long), if using leaves and paper rolls, roll them into different sized rolls (from 2 to 10mm). The roof should protrude about 5cm to protect the materials when it rains. The hotel should be located in a sunny place, preferably south or south-est if you live in the northern hemisphere.

The house of different insects has different shapes, you can make the shape of “rooms” a bit diverse with different types to create a funny facade.

“It’s done” – Hotels for insects, every day watching the workers who come in out, and look after their new house is so fun. Your children will have the opportunity to discover interesting insect activities outside of books.

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