1.    Thorough study of the design brief and site conditions (social and natural factors);

2.    Seeking ideas and potentials by brainstorming and team researching;

3.    Believing that there are more than one good proposal to a given site and design requirement, we continously seek and study options with various designing tools. With respect to the site, we would not miss an unstudied option which might be the best option for the site. So we give time and a lot of effort to this step.

4.    Among the options we study, we present to the Client best options from which he will be able to make a choice based on a clear understanding about the concept and budget.

5.    From the chosen option we develop the project to optimize quality and quantity design factors, simultaneously work with other technical teams.

6.    Once the design is frozen by agreement of all teams, we proceed Construction Documents.

7.    Design supervision starts when Construction documents approved by project manager and delivered to all concerned parties. We attend site meetings and collaborate with other parties until the project is finished.