Each project hides its own secrets to discover and to be carefully examined before taking design decisions.

During the whole process, HOMA architects will follow the code: Respect and Demand.

1. Client:

Respecting the Client is understanding, thus fully responding to their needs and budgets. We also demand that the client cares and be responsible with his own building. The Client plays an indispensable role in HOMA architects’ design process.

2. The Architect:

Respect encourages the architect to perform his talent and identity. Demanding urges him to focus his whole competence and creation into bringing the project to success.

3. Environment:

Respecting the environment leads the architect to maintaining the comfort and avoiding negative environmental effect while increasing the construction density. Demanding means Homa architects make sure the building gets maximum benefits from its surroundings.

4. Material:

Respect the materials so they are treated with care. Materials are demanded to work at their best performance and show their best values where they are used.

Respect and Demand is practiced as the design code of HOMA architects, and is considered as HOMA architects philosophy.