Liberty hotel

  • Location : Dong Hoi - Quang Binh
  • Design year : 2015
  • Service : Architectural Design 
  • Design team : Nguyen Kien, Hoang Van Duy, Le Quang
  • Code project: GDP

This project is one of our projects in collaboration with KAZE Studio. The project initiates with a conceptual revision to turn a neoclassical styled hotel into a contemporary one. After the concept submission, the Client return to HOMA with the second project: Redesign the Retail Center beside the Hotel. The two-building must have different architecture but stay in the same harmony.

The architectural design of the hotel is a modern approach with the tropical sensitization of the facade. So the hotel rooms are efficiently protected from the weather while enjoying their ocean view. The retail center provides a shopping experience with 12000 sqm GFA of shopping, supermarket, and entertainment. The Hotel link with the Commercial Center by a sheltered corridor so pedestrians could circulate along and protected from the sun and rain.