Headquarter design FPT

  • Location : Ha Noi- Viet Nam
  • Design year : 2018
  • Service : Interior Design 
  • Design team : Kaze interior design studio, 2x2 architects, HOMA architects
  • Code project: FPT

Headquarter design FPT :

Homa architects participate in the interior design competition for FPT’s Head Quarter Building. We propose a concept based on the minds of FPT:

  • Technology: The company’s technology must be cutting edge.
  • Human resources: its people are innovative, courageous, strong, and dynamic pioneers.
  • Culture: rich in diversity, teamwork, and compassion.


Atrium at the entrance gives the first impression:

Holes and consistent connection with workspaces with private and common offices creating situations to share ideas and opinions on common work topics.

It is not only a comfortable chair but also a work to facilitate a positive atmosphere: the design of the workplace must be adapted to each division to promote cohesion.

Board of Management or Building Brain, we would like to share a vision of the board of directors by redefining the concept of power, whether it is the power of the FPT group or certain individuals, it is a matter of optimization or privilege.

Our goal is to create an optimal, simple, and convenient workspace for the FPT Board of Directors, where people feel the power of the FPT Group and its culture.

It is a built power of every individual FPT to be proud of being at the same time considered a responsibility towards the company.

FPT Headquarter design:

The Core Values of Humans, Culture, and Technology are reflected in the physical space transformation:

  • Barrier-free access
  • Continuous linkage
  • Expansive view.


The DNA is double spiral stairs that serve public areas that we create around the void at each floor.
It represents FPT spirit and lives throughout FPT generations with the richness of talents and conformity of
strength and solidarity.


The void is a valuable building space: it gives to the air and whose views are very similar to the way a lake would give to an urban area.
To increase the value of the void so, we create more public spaces around each floor.
The most interesting is to connect the floors to the staircase that plays the role of the centerpiece.


Current plans are divided into two parts and functions. For instance, we want to encourage interaction between human rights and reduce the risk of suffering.

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