Co-working office

  • Location : Ha Noi - Viet Nam
  • Design year : 2016
  • Service : Architectural Design, Interior Design, Landscape Design
  • Design team : Nguyen Kien, Vu Thi Thao, Nguyen Hoang, Nguyen Tham
  • Code project: IHO

Co-working office

This is one of our favorite projects in 2016 because of its sensibility and sophistication. The site is an old garden, on which 2 generations of buildings have been sharing common space and greenery. Our task was to renovate an old villa into a new co-working space and introduce a 3rd generation building, a library in steel and concrete, to expand the working area.

Our real challenge is the installment of the third building. The co-working office project must ensure an amount of area for usage and respect the existing 2 building structures and vulnerabilities of the current space. One of the two buildings is an ancestral shrine which must be preserved in its entirety. There are also large trees kept for shading of the courtyard.

The new library itself is a working space with opening views onto the garden. Its shape consists of the interlace of hollow and dense masses. This allows optimal contact between people working inside with those outsides.

In this space, a “chit-chat” corner has been reserved under a skylight to allow relaxing interactions.

Co-working office
Magical lights make the scene shimmering at night