Kem Nghia Showroom

  • Location : Ha Noi - Viet Nam
  • Design year : 2015
  • Service :  Interior Design
  • Design team : Nguyen Kien
  • Code project: KNG 1

Kem Nghia Showroom :

Kem Nghia is a very successful brand of nail clippers in Vietnam and international markets since 1980. Eager to continue to enhance their expertise in the field of beauty and body care, the brand wants a new showroom dedicated to its products in Ha Noi. The design must reflect the company’s philosophy, the product’s precision, and the quality of the steel used. Glass, metal, lights are used in addition to the picture of the factory that manufactures its products. Most importantly, it introduces a variety of products in a uniform and advanced presentation.  

To represent their identity, we opt for a minimalist and futuristic design revealing hints of the upscale materials used.

This image projects seriousness, engineering precision, and professionalism, asserting further the reputation of the brand.

To conclude, Kem Nghia Showroom supports the serious identity of the brand that continues to improve its know-how.

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Kem Nghia Showroom
Product sales and display space