Golf clubhouse in Hanoi – Vingroup’s Private riverfront golf-course

  • Location : Ha Noi - Viet Nam
  • Design year : 2016
  • Service : Architectural Design, Landscape Design 
  • Design team : Nguyen Kien, Nguyen Hoang, Hoang Hien, Pham Huu Quoc
  • Design partner: Kaze interior design studio
  • Code project: SGD1

Top private Golf clubhouse in Hanoi


This golf clubhouse in Hanoi  is designed at the same time with another clubhouse also for Vingroup. However, this golfhouse is going to cater for exclusively 250 members. Tropical climate defines the architectural style with large and low roofs, creating overall cool and comfort indoors. Since the master plan has multiple facilities, the space between buildings is also a very important factor of the architectural design.  We had to keep the distance between building in a comfortable range for players and staff. Besides, the distance between buildings also delineate different outdoor spaces and forms a part of the landscape design. In this golf clubhouse, we create a half- symmetrical space organization. The purpose is to form magnificent outdoor spaces with  spectacular views onto the river or wide view of the golf course. Landscape features such as palm trees and large tree pots accentuate the view onto the golf course.


An outstanding architectural element of the project is the roofs. These roofs use only authentic Lai Chau slate stone. This is a very careful choice of Homa architects because the black-blue tint of the stone and its texture give buildings a good sense of weight, and is consistent with the pyramidal architectural forms, forms that symbolize power. The roof is supported by a strong yet elegant structure that recall traditional wooden columns.

The prestigious KAZE design studio is responsible for designing the building’s interior. The talented design team offered a luxurious design that showcases both the high quality materials and the architectural structure. An elegant Indochina touch is the final overlay that gives the whole project an exclusive and classy ambiance.

Water is an important element in the landscape design of this Golf clubhouse in Hanoi. In this project, water runs in a dynamic self-cycling source via infinity pools.

Sheltered walkway linking pavilions is another attractive landscape feature with black rock paving stones that randomly glow at night.