Golf Club Complex

  • Location: Ban Me Thuot - Daklak
  • Design year: 2021
  • Service:  Architecture, Interior, Landscape design
  • Design team: Nguyen Kien, Le Thanh Luan, Vu Thi Thao, Nguyen Thi Phuong Hoa, Tran Cong Thang
  • Code: DAK

Golf Club Complex.

Architectural concept

  • The space is developed according to the linear scheme. The concept of this option can be considered as a crystallization of functions around a winding axis.
  • Square function blocks are attached on a non-square axis. This way helps to create gaps with random angles characteristic of organizational morphology.

In particular, from a distance, the building stretches along the terrain to form a diverse but consistent architectural shape. In this case, large pine trees soar up creating a strong contrast between the vertical and horizontal lines. They attract attention and create visual accents for the entire area. The undulations in many dimensions of the building promise interesting and curious walks in the Golf Club Complex.


We use pine trees to create high layers and wild sunflowers for lower layers of the landscape.  Consequently, that makes an unique landscape impression of the building.


The façade of the building is an element of landscape art. Excerpts from epics can be engraved on the façade bars in the most unexpected places. Then, visitors can read and have an extra layer of unusual experiences. The façade is uniquely assembled from vertical members. But the density varies depending on the opening and closing needs of the interior spaces. In this way, it will create extremely diverse rhythms with motifs that can be repeated like conventional songs in epics.

The architectural form of the vertical wall folds to create mysterious corners. With the height also changing with the volume, it gives the building parts with some high impression and some light impression. It creates an architectural look that coincides with the mysterious message of the mountain.


The crystallization of architectural space abstractly depicts the beauty of the human soul in the Central Highlands. Simple souls are innocent and hide many mysteries. That beauty crystallized on the string of time to make epic songs. The epic songs alive through the generations by the Klei Khan dances.

Practical, frugal and not easy to understand: that is the definition of this work. It is also the personality definition many people will use for the work. People who have overcome many challenges in life. Finally, they find what is simple and most necessary for them.  Even so, they do not expect others to understand them. And of course, it also affirms a subtle way of enjoying the perks of success: luxury but discreet, quiet.