Phuong Nam Hotel 2

  • Location : Sapa-Lao Cai
  • Design year : 2017
  • Service :  Interior Design
  • Design team : Nguyen Kien, Vu Thi Thao
  • Code project: PN2 

The design concept is a continuation of Phuong Nam renovation project using typical rustic materials: three-ball tiles, black-green stone, original pine,…  create a coherent structure.

Using the materials closest to the original state brings a sense of authenticity and highlights contrasts. Surface’s sensitivities bring out the uniqueness of each interior item. White and gray are principal colors and combine with many other colors used for the floor and ceiling. A gray-colored wall and a white wall run parallel to the corridor space. The highlight is the dark brown of the room door.

This design scheme uses a three-ball brick wall that runs through one side of the corridor as a highlight of this space. Brighten the environment with light spots in the glass tiles creates attractive effects on the shadow of this brick wall.

Lobby space – the corridor is constructed by two walls running parallel, opening 2 blocks of space in 2 contrasting themes morning-evening:

  • One side is roughness and dryness of three-ball brick walls with gray color;
  • The other side is a smooth, straight, and flat white wall.

The combination of the original material surface, the dominant deep color, brings Sapa’s breath into the interior and creates an intimate, gentle space…  Using familiar materials is to transform into a modern space. The main materials are wood, ceiling tiles, pressed bamboo, natural stone in varying colors. black lumpy wood is used for the floor. Dark brown wood combined with yellow soil pressed bamboo is used for furniture and wooden walls running to the ceiling. The ceiling-covered ceiling system provides a rustic space for ceiling tiles and wood. That always creates a familiar, serene atmosphere for interior space.