If you own a villa or a garden house from 200 m2 with an open space of about 30 m2 and you are not spending at least 70% of your time outdoors, that is a sign telling your home  needs a little upgrade.

We all know the benefits of staying outdoor but not everybody enjoys it because of the lack of comfort. Lacking of seats and other outdoor items may reduce the potential of your outdoor areas. So when you have space and want to make it useful, try the following tips:

A second outdoor kitchen or bar

Cooking and eating time is the most common time the family spend together. Many housewives also like to bask in the sun in nice weather. At the same time, they can enjoy watching their “customers during the week” get into the kitchen. Cooking outdoors in a large space is preferable. Honestly, kitchen owners would feel more relaxed as long as their beloved kitchen is safe from their clumsy partners. An outdoor kitchen is a spacious area to “play with”. It should be designed to suit outdoor dishes such as barbecue, hot pot in winter days, or mixed dishes and salads in summer days.

Sheltering elements

In fact, when designing a house, architects often take into account the direction of the wind and the direction of the sun. More carefully and with more experience, they know the best orientation of your house to catch mild sun light, take advantage of the shadows of trees or buildings to protect your spaces from harsh sun light. All spaces must be well ventilated. More over, adding sheltering elements would ease your outdoor enjoyment during hard weather days.

The word “Tropical countries” accurately describes the characteristics of countries located around the equator. Europe’s cool, dry climate makes people enjoy being outdoors. The hot, humid climate, drizzle and cold wind further hinder people living around the equator from living outdoors. Therefore, when designing houses in hot and humid areas, it is necessary to really pay attention to “shading”. Experienced house owners who have dedicated an area for semi-outdoor spaces or shading areas would understand and appreciate the value of shadow in tropical countries. And they certainly spend a greater portion of their time outdoor.

Sometimes when the weather is too extreme, beside shelters, we might enjoy some stronger help from a misting system for summer, or a fireplace in winter.

Ways to control mosquitoes

There are many ways to fight mosquitoes, but there is certainly no 100% effective way for your beloved place. We chose to create a multi-tiered garden system. The goal is to attract a variety of creatures such as damselfly, dragonflies, frogs living in a rain garden, an aquarium or a small pond… Imagine each of these creatures, in one day, can eat 200 mosquitoes – a very favorable balance that nature establishes itself. We were also surprised at the efficiency of this system in our experiments.

Enjoyable corners for family

A small fish tank, a swing, a wide space, or an arch for the kids to run around.

In summer, a multi-function water spray tap can give so much fun. It can be the “massage machine” that both adults and children enjoy, a water gun, or a great hand shower. In winter, the wood stove is really attractive. It’s a place to cook, to play with, or to have a relaxing foot bath.

Let’s play board game with us!

Create diverse seats

Some places are flat, when you throw a few cushions to sit on, you can both sit and lie down when you like. Beautiful seats arise the need to stay outdoor.










Outdoor lights

Many would rather chose outdoor seats when they hangout in a cafe. Your chilling corner at home could be even more sparkling than elsewhere if correctly decorated with light. There are many types of outdoor lights in the market. Just hang lights on a tree in your garden or even a dry branch, you will see “without light all materials are silent”, and with light everything is magical.

It is not necessary to drive several hours to camp. A useful green space in your home will help you “travel” more often. And  you will no longer feel frantic legs, you will feel physically and mentally balanced. During social distancing, traveling is no longer easy. Why don’t we take the opportunity to “upgrade” our own place into an  ideal place to relieve stress. With the budget of one or two family trip, you may already have what is needed to turn your outdoor space at home into a new family destination.