HOMA architects Competition – Urban Confluence – San Jose


The project would not be restricted to a definite function since people’s needs will change over time. Neither would it simply be a sculptural object, as objects will fade in people’s memory.

It would be practical to participate in San Joses everyday life, as well as lavish to become a worldwide icon, and flexible so that the next generations may use it in their way.

It reflects the 21st century’s Art of Thinking and Art of Building.

The concept commences with a loosely hand-crafted circular bridge which blurs the limit between the inner and the outer, whilst respecting both definitions. The confluence between the inner and the outer zone invites the richness of the place. The design team calls it The ARENA – An ancient term for a place for public games.

Humans need games to enhance cognitive skills and strengthen social bonds. Games stimulate both our power of cooperation and competition, and as such, drives Development and Evolution. That unique power represents the spirit of San Jose.

The ARENA inspired by the dynamic density and form of starlings’ murmurations

The ARENA gathers numerous sheets of stainless-steel meshes with dynamic surface undulations. It can start as a staircase, then curl into a tube, flatten itself like a wall along the highway, or even become an observation platform that projects views along the waterway. The design offers a unique visual experience of density and perspectives. As one walks along the path, the change in density of the meshes will create mesmerizing and varied views inward and outward.

The ARENA is made up of lots of stainless steel mesh panels with corrugated surfaces

From a sustainable perspective, the material must be recyclable, elegant yet strong enough to span over the width of the river. Tinted stainless steel would be suitable for that purpose.

The ARENA is illuminated with self-powering devices

Its mesh structure constitutes an immense blank canvas where lighting artists push their creative boundaries. Lighting installation could be any of the self-powering methods: solar, wind, hydro-electric, piezoelectric power. Each lighting installation of the project will tell its own story about how it is powered.

The ARENA embraces the Confluence Point and opens for the entrance of Guadalupe River and Los Gatos Creek

As if it were created by a primitive human’s hands with the first idea of connection and solidarity, the ARENA embraces the Confluence Point and opens for the entrance of Guadalupe River and Los Gatos Creek. As such, it celebrates the human- nature confluence as well as the confluence between people. Confluences that would last for generations, no matter how the world will change.