Misting gardens and spraygrounds



Misting gardens and spray-grounds enable parents to enjoy a sunny day out with their kids without having to immerse themselves in a swimming pool.

The beautiful designs of misting gardens and spray-grounds offer children the chance to explore their imaginations, while making it a little less stressful for parents by not having to worry constantly about their children having a mishap in the pool. Not only young children, teenagers and even adults, it is difficult to resist the attraction of these misting areas and water.


All family members could enjoy this outdoor activity. It is not necessary to run this kind of business, but if you can offer it as an add-on to your business (restaurants, cafes, home-stays, resorts, schools, etc.), it is one effective way to attract more customers in summer. Your business becomes a cool destination for friend and family time.

At home, if you have a garden or a yard, it is not a bad idea to set up for your children a cool area like this. They will run, have a lot of fun with this outdoor activity on summer days.

Some requirements and tips when designing misting gardens and sprinkling yards:


– Safety for participants is the first requirement for all designs.
– It’s equally important to have the option designs of changing misting and spray-ground programs time to time.

-The more interactive design is, the more attractive it is to the older age groups. This will keep the clients coming back throughout the summer. Those areas are not only accessible during the day, but they also popular during the evening hours-serving the interests of both children and adults.

– Natural and tailor-made designs will be normally more impressive than the available sets of equipment. 

There are a lot of equipment options on the market however the good design concept will determine the cost-effectiveness of these misting gardens, it will bring real effect to your investment. 


For the family’s water gardens. You can completely buy accessories and make a misting system at your disposal. It is not difficult to set a simple system.

In the case you need impressive ideas, do not hesitate to contact HOMA team – lovers to bring amazing things to people, especially kids !!!