Baly convention centre

  • Location : Son Tay-Ha Noi
  • Design year : 2017
  • Service :  Architectural Design
  • Design team : Nguyen Kien, Vu Thi Thao, Le Thanh Luan
  • Code project: BAL

Convention Center in Son Tay – Ha Noi

Baly convention centre is a renovation project transforming a concrete building into a multi-purpose office building. The project is located in a complex at Son Tay district with a hosting capacity of up to 1000 people.

Materials used:

The project Baly convention centre places great emphasis on the originality of the materials in use. The more authentic and rudimentary the material, the more long-lasting is the beauty of the project. Even when requiring little maintenance costs, the outer material shines as it ages.

For sun protection, the west facade uses two different materials: Laterite (a local material) and Corten Steel (an imported material). Despite their different origins, the behavior of these materials is similar: the outer surface becomes refined and enduring when exposed to changing conditions of the environment.

Rich iron particles in Laterite gives the same rusty color as Corten steel.

The concept of the facade is to form a sunscreen that breaks the boundary of the building’s concrete frame, giving more freedom to horizontal lines.

Holes in Laterite wall and in Corten panels enable optimal natural ventilation and reduce weight loads.

The combination of these two materials brings an identity of modernism while being respectful of the present environment. 

Baly convention centre
Building with perforated walls like a giant honeycomb