Homa architects designs Hanoi private Eye Clinic

  • Location : Ba Trieu- Ha Noi
  • Design year : 2017
  • Service : Interior Design 
  • Design team : Nguyen Kien, Nguyen Hoang, Hoang Hien, Vu Anh Quan
  • Code project: THO

Homa architects has designed a private Eye clinic in Hanoi: Thu Ha Clinic.

Just like our showroom project Kem Nghia this Eye Clinic project is a high-quality service.

The general organization of this place include registration hospitality functions, waiting area and patient education opportunities.

The main reception area hosts the initial admission of all patients.

Private Eye Clinic proposed another room specializing  in treatment where the ophthalmologist examines patient’s eyes.

An examination chair is located next to the ophthalmic stand. This incorporates the following equipment:

– a refractor (an instrument that tests individual lenses on each eye).
– a keratometer (which measures the curvature of the anterior surface of the cornea).
– a slit lamp biomicroscope (which consists of a microscope).
Adjustable light source on an articulated arm.

The Private Eye Clinic in Hanoi offers a clean, quiet, and professional atmosphere that enhances the quality of its service extended to patients.

The design corresponds with aesthetic and functional medical codes such as smooth surfaces for easy maintenance, ample of white light for optimal visibility but does not neglect the comfort and well-being of patients.