A Dong restaurant

  • Location : Dist.5  Ho Chi Minh
  • Design year : 2016
  • Service : Architectural Design 
  • Design team : Nguyen Kien, Le Thanh Luan
  • Design partner: Kaze interior design studio
  • Code project: ADR

A Dong restaurant

The project maintains a close and complex relationship with its urban context: crowded street life and bustling commercial activities.

The building itself does not have its own site but is in close coexistence with neighboring buildings.

Here are some questions we asked ourselves  before the building begins to take shape:

Will the architecture be different from its environment or will it be integrated with the existing one?

How would it feel to couples and families?

The selected plan embraces the following values:

Conventional facade with recognizable cultural traits. Maintaining existing facade proportion. A simple proportional layout for the facade gives a contemporary touch

The traditional look of this facade touches the users on multiple levels with its signature red and yellow colors used in Asian wed­dings.

The facade itself contains many hidden messages: pairs of columns and lanterns represent the couples. Variations of the round shape of windows symbolize the happy times living together by couples.

The general look of the building is a warm wish for the couple’s new happiness.

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