Avani Hotel

  • Location : Hai Phong - Viet Nam
  • Design year : 2017
  • Service : Interior Design 
  • Design team : Nguyen Kien, Vu Thi Thao, Nguyen Hoang
  • Code project: AVANI

Avani Hotel:

The pale yellow color of bamboo and rattan and the green carpet pattern are complementary colors.
Indeed, round bamboo and rattan furniture will increase the privacy, comfort, and warmth of small rest areas.

Round rug around the table and armchair with the intention of creating more space to sit. In addition, the circular shape gives intimacy.

Traffic is freely around tables and chairs for space passengers.

The pantry offers a bit of space with a 3-bin model for 2 serving tables and lamps.

The bedroom has been redesigned with classic cream tones from Avani hotels, complemented by splashes of aqua blue for the brand’s youth, while the dark brown lines of the wood still draw attention to elegance and thickness.

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