Home If you own a villa or a garden house from 200 m2 with an open space of about 30 m2 and you are not spending at least 70% of…

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Hügelkultur garden

HÜGELKULTUR GARDEN Hügelkultur is a German word, defining a kind of low maintenance garden bed. Hügelkultur beds help retain moisture, create fertility for the soil, increase drainage, and give a…

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Cement encaustic tiles

Chia sẻ về gạch bông – Encaustic tiles: Gach bông là một vật liệu hoàn thiện khá toàn diện. Hiếm có vật liệu hoàn thiện nào có được nhiều ưu…

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Hotels for insects

HOTELS FOR INSECTS Insects are very hardworking workers in your garden. They help pollinate plants, hunt smaller insects and are food for birds. Together they create a balanced eco-system for your…

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